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March 27 - SUNY Oneonta, New York (with Wink) for more info
April 11 - Texas (with Wink) for more info

April 17 - SLC, Utah CLICK HERE

April 24-26 - Saratoga, CA "Silent retreat" - emcee and workshop presenter CLICK HERE (with Wormy)

May 1st - St. Louis, MO
May 9th - Santa Cruz, CA 

June 27 - Devil's Lake ND for more info

July 11 - Tennessee - for more info

September 19 - Saskatoon, CANADA - for more info
November 13 - Corning New York

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Hey Sign Language Interpreters - My name is Keith Wann, a 20 year certified interpreter veteran, CEU workshop presenter, and employee benefits specialist with LegalShield as an independent associate.
In the past few years we have been able to work with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and offer LegalShield and Identity Theft Protection to the interpreting community.

We also have plans that protect the Interpreting Agencies.
Almost everyday we wake up to the news headlines, “(Big Business)…has been hacked, tens of millions of identities stolen”.  This is becoming so common it doesn’t surprise us now as it did in the beginning of the year. Places hit include Target, Home Depot, and even Video Relay Companies, to name a few.

The Identity Theft Fraud you most hear about is Credit Fraud, but that is only 17% of the problem.  Thieves are going after your medical information, your drivers license, and your social security number.

Many of us have a false sense of protection because our bank has their own identity theft program.  Then recently from an article in USA Today we find out U.S. Bank has been charging us for the service and never provided it.  Is your Bank protecting your social security number?  This is what a Video Relay Company (Google Search) who was hacked recently sent out to their employees, "The personal information accessed affects you as well as  your beneficiaries, dependents, and emergency contacts- those  listed in your HR account. Accessed information  included name, date of birth, address,  income history, Social  Security Numbers, W-2 information, and emergency  contact data.”
It is happening all around us.

As an interpreter we are at a higher risk having our information out there.  It’s not how careful you are, shredding, using cash, etc, it’s how careful are the people who have your information are protecting it.  Every Interpreting agency you work for, every school district you have worked at, every VRI/VRS company, even the place where you got your certification to the place where you graduated from and received your interpreting degree, has your information.  It’s in their hard drives and even in their file cabinets, where the news media has showcased some stories of cleaning crews obtaining your data to sell on the black market.  

A few years ago I was excited at the opportunity to interpret a cruise.  I was informed I needed to submit a copy of my passport and drivers license to the agency, which now has this filed somewhere.  I was an educational interpreter at the time and had access to use the copy machine in the teacher’s lounge.  These machines are usually rented, and it’s not common knowledge but they also have a hard drive inside.  So for a few years identity thieves in China would rent the same equipment and download every single document ever filed.  There are news stories about Police Stations and Attorney Offices having their sensitive case files hacked this way.
Now when you go to a public grocery store you will see a yellow sticker on the machine “This machine does not have a hard drive”.

Protect yourself today.  Through the RID Member Website you can click on the LegalShield Logo and click on the Identity Theft Protection being offered through Kroll, the world’s leading risk management group.  They have been hired by companies like Target to help figure out what happened.  If you have ever worked for the government this is the company who did the background check on you.
Your identity theft protection membership involves Full Restoration.  Identity Theft is going to happen, it’s how will you get help once it does.  LegalShield is the only company that helps in ALL areas of Identity Theft including Credit, which is the only thing the other companies monitor.
Please read the plan details and sign up today.
For Interpreters -
For Agencies - - (Click on Business Plans)
Please contact me if you have any questions on the service or how to protect yourself, your family, and your business.
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